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  • Blake Skjellerup Makes Hawaii Even Hotter, Colton Haynes Has A New Cuddle Buddy

    This week, Jimmy Kimmel demonstrated his gaydar is on point, Jeremy Renner couldn’t care less if you think he’s queer and Jonathan Groff reunited with Raul Castillo. Here’s what happened on Instagram: Catfish sweethearts Max Joseph and Nev Schulman couldn’t contain their excitement about marriage equality.   Proud of America on this one. Should’ve happened a long […]
  • French Open Champ Stan Wawrinka Bares All For ESPN Body Issue

    Stan Wawrinka may appear tantalizingly fit on the glossy pages of ESPN’s Body Issue, but looks aren’t everything for the 30-year-old Swedish tennis champ. Here are some highlights from the upcoming interview: On achieving that body: My body is for my tennis, it’s for my sport. I’m not a model at all. I don’t work out […]
  • PHOTOS: Proud Men Wrap Themselves In Patriotism For The 4th Of July

    It’s the 4th of July. Patriots across America are currently firing up their barbecues, snapping open cans of beer and watching fireworks in celebration of our nation’s independence. We couldn’t think of a better way to observe the country’s 239th birthday and to show our undying love for the land of opportunity than by compiling photos of sexy men wrapped in American flags. […]
  • PHOTOS: Big Daddies Keep Naughty Go-Go Boys In Check

    Legendary cub promoters the Boulet Brothers hosted Big Daddy’s at Precinct, Downtown L.A.’s brand spankin’ new gay bar. Tattooed daddies kept the randy go-go boys in check, while DJs and drag queens kept the party raging well into the early hours of the morn. Scroll down for some pictures of the night, and see the full […]
  • Christopher Atkins Began Stoking Your Fire 35 Years Ago This Weekend, Gets Naked Again

    If for some reason you want to feel really old, take note that Christopher Atkins is now a grandfather. The actor, who instantly became a heartthrob when his film debut The Blue Lagoon was released 35 years ago this weekend, is now 54 years young and still acting on occasion. Atkins costarred opposite Brooke Shields in the 1980 […]
  • Did Queer Movies Help Us Win Marriage Equality?

    From state censorship to cross-dressing to cane fondling, the portrayal of homosexuality in film does more than reflect the opinions of the day — it helps mold them. Below, work your way up from The Gay Brothers in 1895 to see how gender roles, stigma, homophobia and ultimately liberation tells the story of gay representation. What’s […]
  • Find It Hard To Make Gay Friends? You’re Not Alone.

    Are you the only gay in the village? No, of course you’re not. And while that means there are plenty of fish in the sea for awkward dates or late-night texts, making gay friends is often an entirely different story. Lines can get blurry when two guys who are into guys embark on a plutonic relationship, but the […]
  • You’ve Seen It On Facebook, But Does This Gay Pride Meme Deserve All The Outrage?

    Photographer Ed Freeman created the gay flag image to the right more than 10 years ago for the cover of Frontiers magazine. Since then, it has been used across countless social media posts for its highly recognizable features — four men work to raise a rainbow flag, instantly evoking Joe Rosenthal’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 1945 photo at Iwo Jima […]
  • Here’s The Magic Mike Sequel You May Not Be Ready To See

    Editor’s note: We’ve asked online comedian, voice actor and chest hair model Sam Kalidi to create a new meme each week for Queerty readers. This week he looks forward to the continuation of a certain stripper movie franchise. Sam looks forward to all your hate mail. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and at your local […]
  • Five “Straight” Guys Who Have Grindr To Thank For Accidentally Coming Out

    It is without question the best time in the United States’ history to be gay. Thanks to the sacrifice and bravery of a generation of activists and radicals, we now enjoy rights and privileges that until recently would have sounded like scenes out of a utopian novel. With marriage equality in the rearview mirror, it’s only […]

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This blows. Where else can I go?

It certainly leaves a lot to be desired at the moment, but the lack of anywhere very good is why I'm building it. Here's some other places to try:

One of the best online communities I've ever been a part of, but sadly very London-centric.
There's a pretty big intersection between geeks and gamers; I've met some great people from this site.
Gay Intellectuals @ Gay.Com
Some folks at got tired of the emphasis on searching by penis length and tried to inject some culture into what is frankly a cesspit of a site. This is their own independent web presence.
A safe space for LGBT people, this seems to be more focussed on support and the newly coming-out.

See also...

I also recommend these fine, semi-related sites:

GayGeek reviews gay adult sites, so you don't have to. We don't do porn, but luckily for you, these guys do.
Good As You
Skewering the intolerant right, the adorable Jeremy covers politics daily from a gay perspective.
Bittorrents of gay movies. The old forum owed a lot of its popularity to people accidentally ending up here while looking for this place.