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Politics from Good As You

News and Gossip from Queerty

  • Brendan Jordan Takes Down His Homophobic Haters With Advice We Should All Follow

    When video of young Brendan Jordan vogueing in the background of a Las Vegas news report went viral last month, the 15-year-old became an instant mini-sensation, landing an American Apparel modeling gig and a much-discussed appearance on Queen Latifah’s talk show. It’s natural that along with such exposure for a gay boy who calls himself a queen […]
  • Chinese Clinic Pays Out After Attempting To Turn Gay Man Straight With Electroshock Therapy

    This sounds like something out of a horror movie. Yang Teng, a gay man living in Bejing, says he was left “traumatized” after receiving a series of electroshock treatments when he told his doctor that he had been having sexual thoughts about other men, the Malay Mail Online reports. The Xinyu Piaoxiang clinic, where the procedures took place, has […]
  • Here Are One Direction’s Man Crushes, In Case You Were Wondering

    We’ve heard who straight guys would go gay for, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect, but what about the ambiguously straight pop nuggets of the world? Surely they must have man crushes of their own. The man-boys of One Direction have put our curiosity to rest by dishing on their same-sex admirations. Here’s what they had […]
  • Pastor Accused Of Trying To Rape A Man In A Car At A Lake

    A pastor from Indiana accused of making sexual advances towards a man near a lake has been charged with battery, WLKY reports. 59-year-old Gaylard (his real name!) Williams is the pastor at the Praise Cathedral Church of God in Seymour, IN. On Tuesday, he appeared before a local court about an incident that happened between him and a 27-year-old man late last […]
  • How A Law From 1964 Suddenly Protects Transgender Government Workers

    Attorney General Eric Holder released a memo Thursday outlining the Justice Department’s decision to redefine its interpretation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to explicitly prohibit workplace discrimination against transgender people. Effective immediately, the Justice Department can now prosecute on behalf of people who claim to have been discriminated against by state and local […]
  • Sexy Studs Showcase Their Schnozes

    When it comes to the nose, it tends to be shape that really matters. Whether you prefer yours big, small, thin, thick, round, or narrow, our friend Dr. Philip J. Miller is happy to help sculpt the noggin of your dreams. And the dreams of your potential partners. As one of one of New York’s leading facial plastic […]
  • Welcome To PhilCity, The Hottest Spot In The Country

    Male model Phil Fusco is more than just a gorgeous face and body. His personal brand is centered around PhilCity, a fitness and lifestyle blog for which he’s the lead writer. Its content reflects Phil’s ideals and goals, and even his aesthetic. By offering exclusive Phil Fusco merch such as PhilCity underwear, his blog and brand serve […]
  • Gay Dad Wonders How To Teach His Sons The True Meaning Of Christmas

    I’m wrestling with how to put Christ into Christmas for my sons. This is three-year-old Ellison’s first Christmas where he “gets” it. But I’m afraid “getting it” means only, “Santa brings me Rocky and Peter Sam!” (*Friends of Thomas) I’m concerned he’ll be a kid who tears through gifts, ungraciously casting aside Uncle Terry’s educational puzzle, […]
  • Gay Syrian Man Who Was Forced To Flee His Country Shares His Heartbreaking But Hopeful Story

    When Shadi Ismail’s father caught him in bed with another guy, he took a burning coal from a hookah pipe and pressed it against his son’s arm. “In my mind, I was thinking I deserve it because I did something wrong,” Ismail (pictured) says in a new interview with Boise Public Radio. “It was awful.” Ismail […]
  • Raúl Castillo Thinks It’s True Love For Looking’s Richie And Patrick

    Sex incarnate — some know him as actor Raúl Castillo — has offered some insight on whether the relationship between his popular character Richie and Jonathan Groff‘s Patrick will thrive during season two of Looking. The HBO drama returns Jan. 11 and Castillo revealed to Access Hollywood that viewers can expect the couple to set boundaries with each other and determine […]

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This blows. Where else can I go?

It certainly leaves a lot to be desired at the moment, but the lack of anywhere very good is why I'm building it. Here's some other places to try:

One of the best online communities I've ever been a part of, but sadly very London-centric.
There's a pretty big intersection between geeks and gamers; I've met some great people from this site.
Gay Intellectuals @ Gay.Com
Some folks at got tired of the emphasis on searching by penis length and tried to inject some culture into what is frankly a cesspit of a site. This is their own independent web presence.
A safe space for LGBT people, this seems to be more focussed on support and the newly coming-out.

See also...

I also recommend these fine, semi-related sites:

GayGeek reviews gay adult sites, so you don't have to. We don't do porn, but luckily for you, these guys do.
Good As You
Skewering the intolerant right, the adorable Jeremy covers politics daily from a gay perspective.
Bittorrents of gay movies. The old forum owed a lot of its popularity to people accidentally ending up here while looking for this place.