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What is this?

Gay Geeks is a forum for (duh) gay geeks of all types to hang out, chat, debate, rant, occasionally flirt shamelessly, and just generally chill. You don't have to be a computer geek, and you don't have to "prove" how geeky you are. It's all about self-identification, peeps. Just be whatever.

We're in a crazy alpha period right now, where I randomly add new features and break old ones all the time, while getting feedback from you guys. Luckily, new people turn up every day by just typing in the URL, assuming a site like this must exist.

What can I do here?

Non-members can enjoy our wonderful feed aggregation below. Isn't that fun? So much gay news! I bet you feel informed and entertained already.

If you register as a user you can get access to our forums, where you talk about anything, as well as exchange private messages with other users, and set up a profile with a gallery. You know, for the flirting. I realize these are not novel features, but we're working on some unique new features right now too :-)

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Politics from Good As You

News and Gossip from Queerty

  • Who Had The Most Memorable Coming Out Of 2014?

    2014 was a good year for big coming out stories, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s as great a time as ever to be gay. But some closet door bustdowns are more memorable than others. Which one reigns supreme? You decide! Sports got a whole lot gayer this year, especially with Ian Thorpe and the highly publicized Michael […]
  • Cut Or Uncut: Which Do You Prefer?

    Male foreskin has always been a hotly contended issue among the sexually active. Some people love the sight of a throbbing uncut cock, while others find them to be garish and unsightly. Then, of course, there are those who don’t have a preference either way. Cosmo recently spoke with two men– one gay and one straight — about their […]
  • British Home Office Talks Dirty to Gay Asylum Seekers

    Welcome to England, international visitors! The British Home Office hopes that you enjoy your stay, and is happy to extend asylum to those of you who face violence and persecution in your homeland. But first, Her Majesty just needs a few details about your penis. An internal investigation has revealed that gay and lesbian asylum seekers are […]
  • Batman Is Finally Asked ‘Are You Gay?’ In New Comic Book

    Batman has always seemed a little light in the batloafers, and we aren’t the only ones who see it. Now for the first time, his sexuality has been openly discussed in the comic book universe. Is that progress? Who can say? Multiversity: The Just #1, by Grant Morrison and Ben Oliver, was released on October 22 and is set in a […]
  • Andrew Christian Models Try To Scare You Into Submission In New Halloween Vid

    Naughty priests, blood-spatters and lots of chained up hunks abound in this new spooktacular undie video from camp Andrew Christian. If this is any indication of what to expect at the kinky haunted house we covered a few weeks ago, we’ll just go ahead and purchase those tickets now. And if church was anything like […]
  • Zachary Quinto Offers Gallant Defense Of Renee Zelwegger’s Appearance

    I thought [the Internet response] was completely bizarre and really aggressive, and it infiltrated the zeitgeist in such a powerful way in such a short amount of time — and she looks amazing, first of all. Second of all, she acknowledged her position, and I thought she did it in an intelligent and classy way. […]
  • Nick Jonas Identifies Male Bulges, Discusses Sticky Thing On His Crotch When Filming Sex Scenes

    Everyone loves a challenging game of Guess That Celebrity Bulge. We certainly do. (If you doubt us go here and here.) Nick Jonas, being a good sport and continuing his seemingly endless tour to become the most gay-friendly straight male entertainer in history, agreed to play a slightly awkward round of distinguishing photos of his own bulge […]
  • In Online Dating, Everyone’s A Bit Of A Racist

    OK Cupid has roughly 4 million active users, many of whom are seeking same-sex dates. And if you happen to be one of them,  know that the site watches every move you make. Not to be creepy, but to compile meta-data (which, OK, is maybe a little bit creepy). Cofounder Christian Rudder spoke recently to The Atlantic about how users […]
  • Anne Rice’s Former New Orleans Mansion Is Everything You Want It To Be

    Sure, there’s limitless pleasure to be found on Bourbon Street and in the French Quarter, but no visit to New Orleans is complete without a tour of the lush Garden District and a photo op in front of the magnificent antebellum home in which Anne Rice lived for many years. The author, beloved by countless […]
  • “Family Circle” Readers “Disappointed” By Photo Of Two Dads, Take To Facebook To Voice Their Outrage

    The popular women’s magazine Family Circle has done something absolutely shocking. (At least, by its good, old-fashioned, down-home, traditional, All-American standards.) For the first time in its history, the magazine has featured a gay family. Dads Chris and Bob Osner-Hackett and their two adorable daughters appear in the most recent issue of the magazine in a […]

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This blows. Where else can I go?

It certainly leaves a lot to be desired at the moment, but the lack of anywhere very good is why I'm building it. Here's some other places to try:

One of the best online communities I've ever been a part of, but sadly very London-centric.
There's a pretty big intersection between geeks and gamers; I've met some great people from this site.
Gay Intellectuals @ Gay.Com
Some folks at got tired of the emphasis on searching by penis length and tried to inject some culture into what is frankly a cesspit of a site. This is their own independent web presence.
A safe space for LGBT people, this seems to be more focussed on support and the newly coming-out.

See also...

I also recommend these fine, semi-related sites:

GayGeek reviews gay adult sites, so you don't have to. We don't do porn, but luckily for you, these guys do.
Good As You
Skewering the intolerant right, the adorable Jeremy covers politics daily from a gay perspective.
Bittorrents of gay movies. The old forum owed a lot of its popularity to people accidentally ending up here while looking for this place.