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What is this?

Gay Geeks is a forum for (duh) gay geeks of all types to hang out, chat, debate, rant, occasionally flirt shamelessly, and just generally chill. You don't have to be a computer geek, and you don't have to "prove" how geeky you are. It's all about self-identification, peeps. Just be whatever.

We're in a crazy alpha period right now, where I randomly add new features and break old ones all the time, while getting feedback from you guys. Luckily, new people turn up every day by just typing in the URL, assuming a site like this must exist.

What can I do here?

Non-members can enjoy our wonderful feed aggregation below. Isn't that fun? So much gay news! I bet you feel informed and entertained already.

If you register as a user you can get access to our forums, where you talk about anything, as well as exchange private messages with other users, and set up a profile with a gallery. You know, for the flirting. I realize these are not novel features, but we're working on some unique new features right now too :-)

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Politics from Good As You

News and Gossip from Queerty

  • Ben Cohen Gave A Free Bear Hug; Colton Haynes Made A Special Friend At The Zoo

    This week, Harry Styles really enjoys men’s butts, Bette Midler doesn’t hold back on Caitlyn Jenner and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and James Corden need to get a room. Here’s what happened on Instagram: The Rock took his dog for a drag. Family and food waiting.. lil’ homie ain’t feeling it. #TryptophanHasYetToKickIn #HappyThanksgiving A video posted by therock (@therock) […]
  • A Foot Fetishist Taught Me About Objectification in Starbucks

    Last year something happened to me that I never would have expected. I posted about it on Facebook and the reactions I got from friends and followers surprised me. I was working at Starbucks on a Friday afternoon when a cute frat boy-type guy sat down at the next table. We did the look-and-then-look-away-then-look-then-smile flirting […]
  • PHOTOS: Greg Lobdell In Some Of This Season’s Hottest Grey Styles

    Think grey is boring? Think again. Grey is one of our favorite classic color trends from this season. Capture the rich colors of the fall runways with this wardrobe staple. The perfect pair for every color combo. You can’t go wrong with fall’s finest grey underwear. Whether you’re looking for a boxer brief, brief, trunk […]
  • PHOTOS: Movember May Be Ending, But Moustache Mondays Keeps On Growing (And Showing)

    The gay invasion of Downtown Los Angeles continues, although this time it is more like a move up than just a move in. Mustache Mondays, the long-running Monday night party hosted by Nacho Nava, has ditched its rough-around-the-edges digs at La Cita, the Mexican-theme dive bar, and moved into the basement of DTLA’s iconic Globe […]
  • Eliad Cohen Will Leave You Breathless With His Dramatic Ways

    A very wise person once stated “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes and gay men love to be overly dramatic.” Eliad Cohen and Idan Matalon demonstrate this, as well as their lip-syncing skills by re-enacting a passionate scene from a popular telenovela. They’re both so good at […]
  • Five Sterling Coming Out Gifts

    Have a friend who’s on the cusp of bursting out of the closet–or one who should be celebrating an anniversary of the milestone? Well, that perfect gift can prove awfully elusive — and stakes are high. While not everybody can orchestrate a way to make their friends’ coming out experience a viral smash, we can […]
  • Mean Queens: The Sad, Sad Case Of The Internet Troll

    Everyone knows the age-old saying “opinions are like assholes; everybody has one.” Well, never has that asshole smelled more putrid than when offered up by the type of person referred to as an “Internet Troll,” — the Bitter Bettys who negatively comment on anything and everything posted on the Internet.Why just read many of the comments […]
  • PHOTOS: The Kid From “Hey Arnold” Is All Grown Up And Super Hot. What Does It All Mean?!

    If you were a ’90s kid with a cable hookup, chances are Hey Arnold still occupies a special soft spot in your heart. The Nickelodeon cartoon ran from 1996-2014, giving children with oddly-shaped heads everywhere the hope that it gets better. Well, if the actor responsible for Arnold’s voice for the first 41 episodes of the show […]
  • PHOTOS: Ripped Go-Go Boys Paint The Town Neon In San Francisco

    Club promoter Locoya Hill Entertainment hosted Wild Kingdom at The Sound Factory in San Francisco earlier this month. The night included ripped, neon painted go-go boys, a bouncy house, tunes by DJ MiShA Skye, lots of hip shaking and booty popping, and a very special appearance by Sister Roma herself. Was it wild? Scroll down […]
  • Enter To Win Tickets To Evolve Las Vegas For New Year’s Eve!

    Submit your email address below for a chance to party with more than 1,000 guests at Evolve Vegas NYE, the only Gay NYE Party on the Las Vegas Strip! Party with men from six continents and find that special midnight kiss! Experience the breathtaking indoor/outdoor layout and when the clock strikes midnight, be treated to wonderful […]

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This blows. Where else can I go?

It certainly leaves a lot to be desired at the moment, but the lack of anywhere very good is why I'm building it. Here's some other places to try:

One of the best online communities I've ever been a part of, but sadly very London-centric.
There's a pretty big intersection between geeks and gamers; I've met some great people from this site.
Gay Intellectuals @ Gay.Com
Some folks at got tired of the emphasis on searching by penis length and tried to inject some culture into what is frankly a cesspit of a site. This is their own independent web presence.
A safe space for LGBT people, this seems to be more focussed on support and the newly coming-out.

See also...

I also recommend these fine, semi-related sites:

GayGeek reviews gay adult sites, so you don't have to. We don't do porn, but luckily for you, these guys do.
Good As You
Skewering the intolerant right, the adorable Jeremy covers politics daily from a gay perspective.
Bittorrents of gay movies. The old forum owed a lot of its popularity to people accidentally ending up here while looking for this place.