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What is this?

Gay Geeks is a forum for (duh) gay geeks of all types to hang out, chat, debate, rant, occasionally flirt shamelessly, and just generally chill. You don't have to be a computer geek, and you don't have to "prove" how geeky you are. It's all about self-identification, peeps. Just be whatever.

We're in a crazy alpha period right now, where I randomly add new features and break old ones all the time, while getting feedback from you guys. Luckily, new people turn up every day by just typing in the URL, assuming a site like this must exist.

What can I do here?

Non-members can enjoy our wonderful feed aggregation below. Isn't that fun? So much gay news! I bet you feel informed and entertained already.

If you register as a user you can get access to our forums, where you talk about anything, as well as exchange private messages with other users, and set up a profile with a gallery. You know, for the flirting. I realize these are not novel features, but we're working on some unique new features right now too :-)

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Politics from Good As You

News and Gossip from Queerty

  • 50 Hot Working Men To Get You All Worked Up This Labor Day

    Ah, Labor Day. Today we honor the working man, four day weekends, and the unofficial end of yet another great summer. So scroll down and join us in celebrating the blue collar boys that keep the world turning: [Photo: Baukalender 2011 calendar] [Photo: Baukalender 2011 calendar] [Photo: William Levy, TVyNovelas magazine] [Photo: Stefanos Papadopoulos, Modus Vivendi] [Photo: Flayder Reis, H Magazine] [Photo: […]
  • Get Ready for More Marriage Equality Courtroom Drama

    There’s another major oral argument coming up in a few days, and we can’t wait. As you’ll recall, the last one of these went spectacularly well: all three judges were aggressive and exasperated at Indiana and Wisconsin’s antigay lawyers, asking them such tough questions that are one point the Assistant Attorney General of Wisconsin tried […]
  • Six Tips For Online Cruising That Could Mean The Difference Between Life And Death

    The internet is a scary place — that’s a scientific fact. Too often we’ve reported on online hookups that go from hot to hellish, and they have even resulted in death. And while these extremes are rare, there are a number of other bad outcomes that can and do happen when people decide to have […]
  • PHOTOS: A Foursome In Paradise

    Can we hit the pause button on summer after seeing this photo shoot from Adrian C. Martin? The famed photographer showcases Australian underwear brand, Atelier DT, on four extremely sexy and stacked models. Airam Amador, Eric Jurado, Fede Averame, and Javier Morales look as if they have taken full advantage of the previous summer months […]
  • Back To School: 10 Essential Items Every Gay Guy Must Bring To College

    It’s that time of year again. The start of the new academic year. All across the country, young men and women are kissing their high school sweethearts goodbye and heading off to college, where they will embark on the best and simultaneously worst four years of their lives. Leaving for university can be both an exciting and a scary time, but it’s a necessary […]
  • PHOTOS: Is This Fashion Photography Or Gay Porn?

    The line between gay porn and fashion photography is becoming increasingly blurry. Sometimes we’re not sure if we’re looking at an editorial shoot documenting “The Secret Homoerotic Lives Of Cuban Men” or the front cover of documentary about straight guys doing gay porn. What is safe for work anymore? What is unsafe for work? Does it […]
  • Leslie Jordan Calls His ‘Big Brother’ Appearance “Pure Hell” And Says Housemate Cut Up His Underwear

    Leslie Jordan is such a hilarious raconteur, it’s nearly inconceivable that not everyone wants to hang out with him. Yet, the scene-stealing actor was just voted out of the house on the U.K. edition of Celebrity Big Brother after what appears to have been a nightmarish experience with his costars that include actor Gary Busey and Playboy […]
  • Steve Grand Puts Nude Spin On Ice Bucket Challenge

    If you’re among those who have been ambivalent about taking the fund-raising Ice Bucket Challenge due to the severe drought plaguing parts of the world, you can count Steve Grand among your number. Still, the first openly gay country singer has found a way to support the charity, which has raised nearly $100 million for the […]
  • 98 Characters In The Marvel Universe That Were Gay Before Anderson Cooper

    Our signature silver-haired newscasting fox Anderson Cooper is soon to be inducted into the Marvel Universe in the upcoming Black Widow #12 due in November. Cooper’s TV show will play a prominent role in the plot, acting as a catalyst for a “major event in Black Widow’s story.” Comic writer Nathon Edmonson added: “We imagine that in […]
  • PHOTOS: The Barcelona Circuit Party You Have To See To Believe

    Wow. Just, wow. This five-day dance party in Barcelona, sponsored by ManHunt and its shiny new app, Jack’d, was a spectacle of maledom. Take a look through the GayCities gallery and see what we mean…  

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This blows. Where else can I go?

It certainly leaves a lot to be desired at the moment, but the lack of anywhere very good is why I'm building it. Here's some other places to try:

One of the best online communities I've ever been a part of, but sadly very London-centric.
There's a pretty big intersection between geeks and gamers; I've met some great people from this site.
Gay Intellectuals @ Gay.Com
Some folks at got tired of the emphasis on searching by penis length and tried to inject some culture into what is frankly a cesspit of a site. This is their own independent web presence.
A safe space for LGBT people, this seems to be more focussed on support and the newly coming-out.

See also...

I also recommend these fine, semi-related sites:

GayGeek reviews gay adult sites, so you don't have to. We don't do porn, but luckily for you, these guys do.
Good As You
Skewering the intolerant right, the adorable Jeremy covers politics daily from a gay perspective.
Bittorrents of gay movies. The old forum owed a lot of its popularity to people accidentally ending up here while looking for this place.